By the time you finish reading this sentence; hundreds of systems would have been attacked. Cyberattack is a real threat to all and every commercial and other organization. Attackers are advancing from bad to worse and are not relenting in their efforts to gain access to critical information that is considered privileged. You should not consider yourself safe unless your device doesn't connect to the Internet. Even if you don't go online, you are still being watched.

What are the threats?

To many, cyber-security threats are the things we usually see in the media, such as hackers, viruses, and malware. However, cybersecurity means a lot more. Anything that compromise key things to protect in IT systems is a cybersecurity threat. You need to protect your availability, confidentiality, and integrity. Now, let's illustrate; if there's hardware failure, your availability has been negatively impacted. Thus it is cybersecurity. And if an email is sent from your account without your knowledge, your integrity has been compromised.

Therefore, you need to have cyber maturity to decipher the real concept of cyber threats and understand how to manage each one. This means you must understand the threats you're faced with based on your operation. You also need to determine how someone might likely take undue advantage of such a threat and how fulfilled the person will feel. In summary, managing those risks is challenging since there can be a deliberate effort by a potential enemy.

However, the presence of cyber risks doesn’t mean that something bad will definitely happen. It only indicates that there is a cyber threat that must be cared for. Also, we don't have to conclude that someone is definitely threatening you before you can be concerned about cybersecurity risks.

Examples of cybersecurity threats

  1. Accidental or deliberate misuse of the system

Due to system security lapses, an individual may access services or information he is not authorized to access. Someone who wants to beat copyright protocols may deliberately steal intellectual property. A disgruntled individual may choose to deliberately harm the system. Someone trying to fix an issue may also cause the whole network to slow down. Individuals may make mistakes or be susceptible to social engineering. The loss of displacement of critical components such as access cards, documentation, laptops, and phones has grave consequences. Your computer or phone may be unintentionally compromised and be infected by malware. 

  1. Physical tampering or sabotage

From a cybersecurity perspective, your IT systems need to be critically protected. For instance, the physically exposed gear may be tampered with or stolen. An exposed cable may be cut, disconnected, or misdirected. This can provide an enabling environment for a network breach.

How to mitigate the risks and impact

A cybersecurity threat has been exploited when someone is able to gain unauthorized access to your network or system. It becomes a breach when he can bypass one or more security controls to gain access to the organization’s information resource. Some security controls can be bypassed easily while some have added obstacles such that much sophistication will be required to breach such a system.

That's why you need some cybersecurity experts like Mikevicone Innovations.

If your company system is exposed to the Internet such that you or someone else can access the company information resources from a remote location, you are more threatened. An attacker may be able to probe and find potential vulnerabilities that he will exploit. Cybercriminals are adept at this.

In this area, you can trust Mikevicone to assist you to analyze the potential cybersecurity risks you are exposed to and the attendant threats. You will be helped to see the level of obstacles you need to put in place to make it impossible for hacking, malware, spyware, or other malicious individuals to penetrate your system.

The company will also help you to prepare for more sophisticated cyber attacks in the future. Yes, if you were unable to manage the commonest threats, you may not be able to use more sophisticated efforts. Mikevicone recognizes and understands that sophistication requires determination, skills, and time. They will aid you through all of these so that you can be sure that you’re very secure. They are also equipped to fight against determined and strong-willed adversaries like cyber terrorists.

Contact Mikevicone today and keep your operability very safe.



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